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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday 11th July 2009

I've had such a good week at home with the children. Charlie seems much better but is still suffering with hay fever. I don't think he had swine flu. The rest of us are ok and I'm sure if he did have it one of us would have succumbed by now.

I briefly went to work on Thursday and saw my supervisor who advised me to read some stuff before my viva on Tuesday. I must say I have had a complete break from my work over the last two weeks but did some reading yesterday and aim to do more this weekend and Monday before the big day.

The children have been busy with their friends. Harry has camped in the garden most nights and all have been out with friends. This afternoon the cafe in the park ( our outreach from church) has a fun day so we will all go to that. Tonight we're having our cell group social at our house with a barbecue. Hope the weather improves as it is raining as I write this. A Malawian minister is coming to the barbecue as he has been staying in the UK for the Newfrontiers annual conference and is currently staying with friends who are part of our home group. Should be a great weekend.

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Martha said...

That is a relief to hear, I am so glad that Charlie is doing better :) have a fabulous weekend toots!