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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Wednesday 8th July 2009

Still don't know about Charlie. He was well on Monday, back to normal and looked so much better. However, yesterday he complained of a headache and spent most of the day asleep again. I will definitely contact the surgery today if he is no better. I have an appointment to take him to see a GP on Friday for a knee problem from playing rugby, but if he has got swine flu I won't be able to take him.

Rosie has a friend here at the moment. They went to see Ice Age 3 yesterday. Last night I went to a ladies event at church and took a friend with me. She really enjoyed it and the talk was so apt.

Harry slept in the tent last night, but didn't sleep very well as Lulu kept jumping on top of it and walking around.

It looks like the nice weather has gone, but I think it is set to return later this week.

I went to work yesterday for one hour to print out some papers to read before my viva next Tuesday. I can't believe how complacent I'm being about it! I'm sure I should be more nervous. I'm just having such a nice week with the children- although concerned about Charlie's health and praying that if he is infectious that none of us will contract the virus.

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