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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thursday 30th July 2009

The weeks are flying by. We've had a good week so far. We went wakeboarding yesterday and I even had a go at kneeboarding. It was good fun and we went with friends from church.

The boys are sooooo excited about Newday and are counting the days and hours off- less than 2 days to go now. I'm also looking forward to Faith Camp and the rest in God's presence which it always brings. We will only have a few hours turn around before we go to Switzerland early in the morning after we return from our respective camps.

Still haven't submitted my final amendments. I emailed my work to my supervisors and am awaiting their comments. I do hope I haven't got much work to do as I'm hoping to submit it tomorrow.

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Daune said...

Hello...hope you've had a great time...what is wakeboarding and kneeboarding? Forgive my ignorance, friend ;o)
How is your weather? It's over a 100 every day...ready for some colder maybe something, say, in the 70's...cold!
Have a great weekend!
God bless your children and your family...