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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thursday 21st January 2010

Having a long week. Feels like Friday today. I had supervision this week and we talked about my pilot study. I still need to do some more analysis on it but otherwise ok. Plans are to actively start recruiting my participants which means trips to Age Concern, Carers Bedfordshire and Children's Centres in Bedfordshire and emails sent to many support groups and caring agencies.

Charlie has finished his exams and is tired after games and rugby training yesterday. Harry said he prayed aloud yesterday in his Christian Union meeting at school. I am so proud! Rosie has been selected to run in an inter-school cross country event today, which she really doesn't want to do. I'm hoping that she will enjoy it.

It is a beautiful day today, almost Spring-like. I can see a bed of crocuses in the garden which are starting to shoot already. Amazing, considering the bad weather we've had recently.

My thoughts have been dominated by Haiti this week and we just continue to pray into that situation and particularly that aid will get to where it's required.

Looking forward to the quiz on Saturday night at church and a trip into London on Monday. I'm hoping to visit the Royal Academy to see the Van Gogh exhibition which starts this week-end before attending a seminar.

Healthy eating plan going well, although thought I would have lost more than 1.5lb when I weighed myself on Monday. I am also back at the gym and gave been twice so far this week.

4 comments: said...

sounds like things are going well over there :-) enjoy your weather!! its been wm here too. Have a super great week! said...

Surprise! There is a blog award awaiting you on my blog!

Daune said...

Hi Caroline...How did your quiz go? What was it for?
We had 72 degrees today and so we took my parents out to the Bass Pro Shop...ever heard of it? Amazing place, full of stuffed animals from hunts and a fishing dept. that made my dad salivate!~
Have a fantastic day tomorrow and know that we, too, are praying for more survivors in Haiti, despite the government calling off the search...that grieved my heart tremendously!
Love ya.

Caroline said...

The quiz was great thanks Daune. It was an outreach event so we took along Graham's golfing chums and their wives. Haven't heard of Bass Pro Shop. Can't believe you are having temps of 72 degrees. How I am looking forward to feeling the sun's warmth in a few months!