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Friday, 15 January 2010

Work, Weight loss and WeightWatchers

I've had a great week, one where I've achieved a couple of things, namely a weight loss of 3.5lb and a completed pilot study which I submitted last night. I have worked hard this week and today was spent having lunch with a friend after seeing another friend to pray with. My WeightWatchers online is going well, much better than attending the meetings.

Quiet weekend ahead. Cell group in the morning then viewing a house in the afternoon then a family night in. Think we'll play Monopoly. Charlie is half way through his exams so trying to give him some space.


baili said...

hello congrats for you achievements and best of luck for coming weekend take care said...

love your beautiful photos of winter and your craft work. Truly lovely :-) Great Job on the weight loss!! You go girl!