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Friday, 31 October 2008

Day trip to London

We had such a great day yesterday. We drove to London and parked in Cavendish Square near Oxford Street. We then walked and walked, sightseeing in a real tourist way, taking lots of photographs. We went on the London Eye which was amazing. Thankfully it had stopped raining by the time we had queued to get on the capsule so we had really good views of London and its landmarks.

We then went for something to eat and found a Chinese buffet nearby which was ok, but not brilliant. We then visited the London Movieum which displays props and artefacts from famous movies. The highlights were a mini from The Italian Job and a dalek from Dr Who.

We then walked back across the river, past The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. We walked through St James's Park and past Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Columnn and then back up to Oxford Circus and Regent Street where we did a spot of shopping in H & M ( well Rosie and I did- the boys and Graham went to Starbucks for hot chocolates).

We then went to see The Sound of Music at The Palladium. It was an excellent show with amazing stage effects and evocotive scenery. However, in my critical mode I didn't think it was remotely comparable to the film and I didn't enjoy the slight story changes or the addition of two new songs!

We then drove home, but didn't get back until nearly 1am due to the roadworks on the M1. The children slept in the car.

Today has been spent researching my topic which I'm thoroughly enjoying. I have been looking at the role of the Victorian mother in Great Britain as part of the literature review which is really fascinating. Working class women had a tough time with a life expectancy of only 54 years and 63% giving birth to eight or more children! As well as looking after all those children the majority of them had to supplement their husbands' incomes by working in order to provide food for their family.

Harry went to a party and Rosie and I went into town. Charlie stayed at home and Graham played golf this afternoon.

Looking forward to tomorrow. We have our cell/growth group first thing but don't expect many people to turn up as one person is away on business and another is on holiday. However it will still go ahead. Jesus said in the bible that when two or more people gather in His name that He is present, so that is encouragement enough to continue with it.

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