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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Harry's Baptism -Sunday 19th October 2008

The photos say it all! It was one of the happiest days of my life seeing one of my sons go through the waters of baptism and give his testimony in front of all those people. He was so brave. Six people were baptised, all having very different but incredible testimonies.

We were aware that we would be up against some opposition afterwards and we have had a strange couple of days. Yesterday the work I had spent all Friday doing on the computer ( about six hours worth- an article review ) was lost. I found the file but couldn't open it. Anyway I did learn a huge lesson as I must ensure that I back up everything on a memory stick. Graham has since given me a 5GB memory stick so it won't happen again. I also must stop the children from playing their games on my computer. So yesterday was spent working and repeating Friday's work and finishing off the rest. I didn't finish until 11pm. What a start to the school holidays! I felt so bad that I couldn't do anything with the children.

Today it was Harry's turn. We are looking after a neighbour's pets and Harry lost the door key! We looked everywhere to no avail and then we had to go to MK as I had to sort out the work I had finished last night and send it to my supervisors before attending a Doctoral workshop. Rosie went to a friend's and Graham took the boys to his parents. I contacted the parents of our neighbours who fed the pets but they could not see the key anywhere in the house. I called out to God to help me and then I found it! It was in a shoe. Harry had dropped the key in the hall which had landed in a plimsoll which I had put in a gym bag and taken upstairs to Harry's room.

So despite the trying couple of days I felt that we overcame them with God's help of course.

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Freedom in the Dance said...

Congrats to Harry and you guys for living Jesus before him as an example!