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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Half- Term holidays

I am now more or less fully recovered from a bout of food poisoning following a meal out on Friday night. I was awake most of the night and in bed all day Saturday and stayed at home all day Sunday! Yesterday we went to Bolton to visit my Mum for the day. The journey took over four hours due to an accident on the motorway. We had a nice time once there though and went to Rivington and then to Dad's tree. The weather wasn't brilliant but at least it had stopped raining by the time we went to the memorial forest.

Today has been spent at college for a couple of hours. Rosie was playing hockey all day and I took the boys to their Grandparents for a couple of hours. We then drove home and collected Rosie. Graham came home early. I'm feeling tired and have already begun to acclimatise myself to the darker evenings and the clocks only went back on Saturday. I must admit that I'm not overly fond of the dark nights and will look forward with anticipation to December 22nd when the nights will start to get lighter again!

Tomorrow afternoon I'm planning to meet up with a friend and her four children, two of whom are friends of the boys and are in the same class at school together.

I'm really looking forward to Thursday when we are going to London to go on The London Eye and then to see The Sound of Music.


Freedom in the Dance said...

Hi, Caroline...
Forgive me once again, but what is the London Eye? I am so American it's pathetic.
But I do love C.S. Lewis and am reading "The Magic Never Ends"...and I also love Beatrix Potter and loved her movie...the landscaping there is absolutely is your pix of the scenery...
Your kids look like you!
P.S.-Put a pix of your hubbie~!!! With you, of course.
have a great day.
Glad you're feeling better...I've never had food poisoning and hope never to!

Caroline said...

Hi Daune,

Thanks for your message. Hope you and your family are well and are enjoying your Autumn. It has turned very cold here and is -2 degrees at the moment.

Here is a link about the London Eye. I will add more photos after our trip to London tomorrow and include one of both hubby and myself.

Love your blog, your lovely photos and your thought provoking comments. I thank God that I found your blog this year. Have a great day.

God bless