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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Hebrews 13:8- Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever

Whatever changes are happening in my life I know that the above is THE firm foundation for my life. The change in my job ( my choice ), the change of season with colder weather, darker evenings and beautifully coloured leaves made the above particularly poignant today.

There has been a real drop in temperature today with strong winds contributing to the autumnal feel. The central heating was switched on for the first time for a short period.

I dropped the children off at school first thing and came home and did a spot of housework before setting off to find another photo booth. I had photos taken yesterday as requested by the OU which I specifically went into town for only to have discovered this morning that I couldn't remember what I did with them. I searched high and low and still couldn't find them. How on earth will I do a PhD if I can't remember something like that! I drove to Sainsbury's and found a booth there where I had another four photos taken.

I then drove to the OU and enrolled which was straightforward enough. I handed in my photo for my student card and was told that my wage will be tax free and that I am also eligible for council tax exemptions. I don't know how that will work, but will certainly look into it.

I was given a timetable for the next few days and a lunch invite from the postgraduate students' society. I decided not to take this up and went to visit Graham's mum and Dad instead for lunch! I had a lovely time with them and they were pleased to see me. I will be able to call and see them more often now which is great. They were telling me about the lovely juniper tree in their garden which has caused a multitude of problems to their sewerage pipes so they are having it removed tomorrow. It is a real shame but it has affected the drainage of several of their neighbours' homes, so it has to go ( see above photos). I also took a photo of the lace Beryl is making to decorate some napkins which were meant for Alison.

Anyway, after a pleasant couple of hours I came home and read through some of the paperwork I was given today. I then set off to the Dentist and had a filling which wasn't a nice experience. My tooth fell apart a couple of weeks ago whilst eating seeded bread. Serves me right for being so healthy! It wouldn't have happened if I'd have had white bread!

I then came home, made chilli for tea and collected Rosie. We then collected Harry who had been to London to see a musical. Rosie had also been to the theatre today to see a Shakespeare for kids production ( Romeo and Juliet). I personally think Shakespeare is overrated but that is probably because I can't understand him! Charlie has had a good day and did some weight lifting as part of his PE GCSE. Tomorrow will be a different day with a further induction session starting at lunchtime and ending with a dinner in the evening.

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