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Saturday, 11 October 2008

On the road to MK

It has been a beautiful day today. All last week on my way to Milton Keynes I marvelled in the beauty of the surrounding countryside, particularly the autumnal colours of the leaves on the roadside trees. I so wanted to capture them on photo as the sun made the colours appear more vivid. However it is impossible to stop on such a busy road. Well, today I had an opportunity as Harry and I went to collect Rosie and her friends from a party in Woburn Sands. Harry took the photos, and whilst they are not brilliant as I was driving too fast they will remind me of this beautiful time of year. The last photo is of a fallow field which always looks so vast when I drive past it. When Harry was taking the photos there was a hot air balloon slowly drifting by up in the sky. It looked magnificent against its backdrop of blue sky and fields that seemed to go on for ever. I'm so loving my drive to work at the moment as it makes me appreciative of the seasons and is another way how God reveals Himself to me via His creation.

Charlie played rugby and lost but enjoyed the match. I took Harry to Box End to do some wakeboarding, but unfortunately there was a special university event on so he was unable to do it. We sat outside and had a drink watching the students fall into the water!

Graham got up at 5am to catch a flight to Germany to meet up with 11 guys from church who are away for a 50th birthday celebration of a friend.

I am going to do some knitting. I really want to complete my two cardigans I am in the process of knitting. I have almost finished one, but every time I pick up my knitting needles Lulu jumps into the wool and ends up getting entangled in it!

Finished reading 'A Walk with Jane Austen' last night. It was good as it was written from a Christian perspective and I learnt a couple of things about Jane Austen and her family.

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