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Monday, 9 March 2009

Cat up a tree!

Lulu got stuck up my next door neighbour's tree for over two hours this morning! Another neighbour and myself ended up lifting a fully extended ladder to one of the branches which she climbed down. Wasn't very happy. She thinks she is a squirrel.

Have had a great weekend. Our trip to the hotel was relaxing and then we went out in the evening with our husbands which was nice. On Saturday we caught up with some friends from the village and Sunday we went to church which was amazing as usual. Luke's sermon was fantastic. The topic was ' God is Faithful'. He is such an anointed speaker and we, as a church are really blessed to have him as a leader.

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Anonymous said...

Aw poor Lulu, perhaps the problem will be solved when you cut down all the trees within a 2 mile radius? Just an idea ;)

Of course I'm kidding heehee, I can only imagine her mewing when she was stuck in the tree. Aw, how precious!