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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Signs of Spring

I am so loving this beautiful sunny day. It has been 16 degrees! The daffs are looking lovely in the garden- a real sign that Spring is around the corner.

It is so nice and warm that I am going to walk to watch Rosie play hockey shortly.

I have had a couple of good days at work and feel I have made some progress- I still have loads to achieve within the next few months but at least I've started the process.


Freedom in the Dance said...

Caroline...what beautiful flowers!!! I'm sure 16 degrees is Celcius, right??? Cuz if that were 16 degrees F. then I'd wonder about you. ;o)
Yes, my photos, some of them, are on the flicker page. If you click on the pix on the blog, it takes you to my stuff...I've been putting more on lately.
It is good to be back, but I have so much to say, so little time to do it in, and sitting still is not my forte'!!!
Thanks for the welcome and it is nice to know I have one person that is a regular reader!!! ;o)
Have a great second-half-of-the-week!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, if you meant 16 degree F then I better pray for you LOL.

Those pictures are gorgeous and we posted a similar blog today, great minds think alike!!

Happy Spring!!


Caroline said...

Yes it would be worrying if I was getting excited about 16 degrees f!
As we don't experience much sun here in the UK as you do in the States a glimpse of blue sky and I'm happy!