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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Feeling content

All is well and I am feeling more at ease with my research. In fact I am now feeling quite excited by what it may achieve. But I MUST remain focused on God and not me.

'The fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom' and I was grateful to have been reminded of that last week in church.

I have been in to work three days this week and attended a poster training workshop on Monday which was very informative. I have some ideas and need to email a film company in the States to gain permission to use some of their stills from a film called 'The Sandwich Generation'. So, I am at home now until next Tuesday which is great. I intend to work for several hours during the day whilst the children are at school. Graham is working from home on Friday which is a shame as I have arranged to meet up with a friend in St Neots for lunch. We have decided to go out together though just the two of us on Saturday night.

Graham and the children are well. They are all so busy with sport and music and have busy weekends ahead with parties, football, rugby, band, and climbing at an outdoor centre. I am also going to a High Ropes course with some friends from church on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your encouraging comment, you are a sweetie pie!!

oOo, keep us updated on the research :) Have fun on the High Ropes course on Sunday!!

Elissa Mummolo, P.A. said...


We're happy to hear that THE SANDWICH GENERATION has been relevant and useful to your research. In regards to your request about the photos, you should directly contact the Ed Kashi studio (the photographer) at

Thanks for posting, and we would love to hear more from you as your continue with your research.

Thanks and best of luck,

Elissa Mummolo
P.A., Talking Eyes Media