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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wednesday 4th March 2009

Another month has flown by......

We've had a hectic few days with Harry's party at the weekend. He had 5 friends over for a sleepover on Saturday. Graham took them to the cinema to see Pink Panther which they enjoyed. Not much sleep was had by anybody that night- me included but we made church in the morning. Harry was playing in the band so it was good that his friends could see him play.

We upset the neighbours in the afternoon when Harry took his amp and mike outside and rigged up a radio station, playing requests for the neighbours. Some thought it was funny but others didn't so we had to pull the plug on the amp and go inside.

Rosie and Harry were busy with sport, Charlie football and rugby and Rosie netball. Rosie also sang in the Beds Music Festival with the choir but came last.

It was Harry's birthday yesterday so we all went out to Frankie and Benny's for tea.

I have supervision tomorrow and feel apprehensive about it. I have worked harder this week so I am hoping that my supervisors will be pleased with my efforts.

I am off to Stapleford Manor with three friends on Friday for a spa day which I'm looking forward to. We went last year and really enjoyed a day of pampering.

WeightWatchers tomorrow- not looking good, but I might have lost a pound. I have done body pump at the gym this week and a 50 minute workout this morning which I feel good about.

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