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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Monday 31st March 2008

It has been a lovely Spring day today after a couple of rainy days. We drove to Bolton on Saturday and spent all the way there driving through rain and on the way back too. We took my Mum to The Thatch and Thistle for lunch which she enjoyed. We couldn't walk to Dad's tree as it was so wet so we went to Rivington Barn and then the Lower Barn for a cup of tea. We then took my Mum home and stayed for about an hour whilst we did the crossword and then set off home.

Sunday was a nicer day and Graham took Charlie to rugby in Cambridge first thing. I roasted a leg of lamb for lunch which we ate when they returned. Rosie made some cakes which I just had to sample. I went back on my diet today.

Today Rosie's friend has been here for most of the day. We went to Tesco and to the tip to get rid of the old trampoline. We have bought a new one as the old one was ripped at the side making it extremely dangerous. However day one of having a new trampoline has seen two accidents with Harry twisting his arm whilst on it and Rosie falling into it and hurting her arm! Rosie has gone to her friend's for a sleepover and I've just taken Harry to church for band practice ( church yesterday was awesome- reaffirming something I had been thinking about just recently that we are living under God's grace and not a set of rules or religiosity thus making us free).

Graham has been to Brussels for the day and is on his way back. I have finished the back of my cardigan and will start the left front tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to the hairdresser's and Harry has 'school of rock'.

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