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Friday, 4 April 2008

Friday April 4th 2008

Yet another month whizzes by. Can't believe we're in April although the weather is so Spring like with the lovely flowers and plants and trees in bud. The birds singing in the trees wake me up most mornings. I don't need an alarm clock. I love this time of year. It is such a time of anticipation and hope. We are now in British Summer Time with the clocks going forward last Saturday. The evenings are getting lighter which is great. The older I become and experience more seasons the more aware of them I become. I can remember my mum waxing lyrical about the same thing when I was young.

I've had such a lovely relaxing week and have got into a routine of getting up early ( not according to Graham ) and having a peaceful breakfast before the others get up. I then read my bible notes and do some ironing. By now Harry and Rosie are up and having breakfast. I then get ready and take Harry to his guitar lessons leaving Charlie to look after Rosie. After dropping Harry off I quickly nip round the shops and have bought curtains for the lounge (only taken me 18 months) one morning, curtain poles another and have bought lovely rolls and lunch items from M & S and the Daily Telegraph for crossword purposes. I then have come home, ensured Charlie is up and dressed and then sorted out Rosie's social life.

After lunch we have been meeting up with friends. One day we went to a friend's and walked to Bedford Park. Rosie played with her friend on the play area. The boys are too old for this now but were patient enough so I bought them an ice cream.

I have been attempting the cryptic crossword but haven't got very far. But at least it has got my Mum back into doing them. She finds them very easy and is enjoying telling me the answers every day over the phone. She told me last night that she hasn't done the cryptic crossword since my Dad died last year as they used to do them together every day. I just feel it's all part of the grieving process and with time she is now doing these kind of things that she used to find a painful reminder of how much she misses her dear husband.

Yesterday we cycled to the tennis courts in the village and played tennis for a while until Harry threw his racket on the ground exclaiming that he hated tennis and ran off the court, got on his bike and cycled home!
Rosie and I then went to the play area and met up with a couple of children she was at St James's with.

Later on I went to fat club and was pleased as I have lost 2lb this week. My friend hadn't lost anything this week and was feeling despondent. I celebrated with a M&S low fat chicken tikka and some nice South African sauvignon blanc.

Rosie is off to a friend's this morning so after I have dropped Harry off and have done a spot of grocery shopping in Sainsbury's I plan to put up the curtain poles and measure the length of the curtains which I will take to Jackie in St Neots to shorten. I thought I would do it myself but my sewing machine is broken. Jackie was Alison's schoolfriend and at the funeral she mentioned she had a sewing business.

It is now looking like rain. My friend and her son are coming round this afternoon and I had thought we could go to the tennis courts again, but it looks unlikely. Tonight I'm supposed to be going to a women's bring and share evening from church but think I would rather spend the time with Graham. Both boys have got youth club at church and Charlie has a sleepover there.

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