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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Wednesday 23rd April 2008

I think Spring is well and truly here. I'm really noticing all the beautiful flowers and shrubs and trees which are in bud. The weather has warmed up as well and my car thermometer was reading 18 degrees today.

Have had an interesting week so far. Monday I spent all day writing the proposal which I finished just in time. I'm now going to forget about it and if I hear from the OU great, but if not, not to worry. Yesterday was a very interesting day at work with a child in need meeting and a couple of visits. Today more meetings and offers of help from colleagues which is great. Graham is on his way back from Germany after a stressful day with his boss.

The children are fine. Charlie is being as evasive as ever about his homework. Harry has had two days of exams and unfortunately didn't do very well, but never mind. Rosie continues to do so much after school stuff that I think she's going to have burn out by the time she is 10!

Off to the drop-in centre tomorrow and to visit the old lady in a home whose birthday it is. Still knitting my cardigan and am half way through a sleeve. I plan to do some tonight after I have done some ironing. No work until next Tuesday-yippeee. Fat club again tomorrow. Sense I have relaxed a bit this week so not looking hopeful.

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