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Friday, 11 April 2008

Friday 11th April 2008

I've had such a good week at home. It has been great to take things easy and not to rush around so much. I am feeling better and will be ready for work next week. Yesterday I even lay on the trampoline in the sun reading for some time, which was a real treat. Graham came home from a morning course in London and when he saw he of course thought I'd been in that position all day!

The PhD thing which I'd thought I'd put to bed came back yesterday and I'm contemplating applying for a couple of projects with the OU. I'm still praying about it though, as don't want to go through the process of writing a couple of research proposals when it's not what God has planned for me.

We're off to Center Parcs for the weekend again. I'm beginning to think I was too rash in my decision to meet up with some old friends there . I was led to believe it was a reunion with everybody going, but it transpires that only one family and some friends of theirs who we don't know and Simon and his son are going. There are complications as well with Simon not having booked any accommodation which means he will have to stay with us as we have one spare bed. I didn't know this until the other night and have mixed feelings about it. The children don't appear to be fussed either as they have so much on at the weekends here and will miss youth group and church. Oh well. There is a lesson to be learnt from this, and in the future I will not be too hasty in accepting invites to please people. I thought I was doing well this year in that department as well!

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