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Thursday, 17 April 2008

16th April ( Mum's Birthday)

I have gone back to being extremely busy again after such a relaxing time at home last week.

Center Parcs was good last weekend, but not as good as our Easter break. It was nice to see everybody and I managed to maintain my healthy eating plan ( well almost ). We didn't get back until late and then it was a mad rush to wash and iron school uniform for the next day.

I went to St Neots on Monday and took the curtains to Alison's friend to be shortened. She is clearly still very upset about Alison and really wanted to talk about her. I didn't realise that they had been best friends since the age of four and had spoken to each other every week. I then had a wander around the town centre and bought some trousers and two tops from Mackays.

I was back at work yesterday which wasn't too bad due to a cancelled Child in Need Meeting. Graham was away last night and is on his way back from Milan tonight.

I took Charlie to the hospital today for his appointment to have his tongue tie released. Poor boy he was so brave. He has a lot of stitches on the bottom of his tongue where the frenulum was cut. He is in a lot of pain now that the anaesthetic has worn off. He is hankering after a day off school tomorrow, but I'm not sure!

I'm glad I'm not back at work until next week now. I realise how I have neglected reading the bible and spending time with the Lord over the past couple of days. I think it is more apparent as I had more time to do so last week.

It is my Mum's 78th birthday today. I sent her some flowers and bought her a book about the Mitford sisters which I know she will enjoy ( and also I can borrow it when she has finished with it ). She is going to my sister's for tea tonight.

I'm hoping to go to the gym tomorrow before the drop in centre. I went on Monday and felt great after a strenuous work out.

Must go and see my invalid and supervise homework.

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