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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Back home

It is Sunday morning and I'm sat in the peace and quiet of my conservatory writing this overlooking the garden which is looking very different since we had most of the willow tree's branches cut back to let in more light.

We arrived back from Faith Camp very late on Friday night as the children wanted to attend their meetings for the last time. We had the most amazing week and I can't see how my life will be the same again if I endeavour to put into practice all I witnessed and learnt there. I can't let it be an occasion where , yes, I had a great time, but I must get on with my life here and forget about the new truths I learnt about God's grace and goodness. The children were also touched in a big way this year too, with Rosie experiencing the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit for the first time. Harry was also filled with the Holy Spirit in an unforgettable way and Charlie appeared to grow in his faith with really wanting to attend his meetings and not miss out on what God was doing in people's lives.

The weather was also fantastic and I was able to relax in my chair whilst reading and sunbathing during the afternoons. Graham was able to visit us five days out of the seven which was great.

Since our return we have been so busy. Yesterday the boys went to Newday at Uttoxeter racecourse and will be back on Friday. We had to wash,iron and unpack and repack their bags in such a short space of time. Rosie went to her friend's last night for a sleepover so Graham and I went out for something to eat and then we went to the cinema to watch Mamma Mia which we enjoyed. Yesterday afternoon Graham was on welcome duty at the Cafe in the Park so we spent a lovely couple of hours eating cake and drinking tea. Chris came over and it was nice to see him. He is staying with Graham's parents for the weekend.

I have just seen the time, so must go and get ready for church.

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