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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Back together again!

We've had a good couple of days. I think my Mum is enjoying herself. On Thursday Rosie and I took her to Milton Keynes to the shopping centre. We did a lap round and bought Rosie a top from New Look. Back home we sat in the garden for a long time enjoying the sun.

Graham went to the gym after work before coming home. Mum and I watched my favourite film 'A Room with a View' in the evening.

Yesterday lunchtime Rosie and I took Mum to the Jaffa Orchard for lunch which she enjoyed. We then went to church to wait for the boys return but were informed that they wouldn't be back for another hour. We then went to Sainsbury's before returning. In Sainsbury's I bumped into the mother of Harry's friend who had also been away. She showed me a text message her son had sent her which said Harry had given his life to God! I was so pleased and excited.

Back at the church the coaches arrived on time. It was so good to see the boys who have had an amazing time. Charlie said it was the best time in his whole life! He had also bumped into Sylvia a minor celeb from Big Brother whilst handing out leaflets in Derby and had his photo taken with her. Harry still hasn't mentioned his decision but I won't push him into saying anything. I can't wait for church tomorrow to see all the young people on fire for God! It will also be a good thing for my Mum to witness. Charlie can talk of nothing else and it is great to see his enthusiasm. Harry had even taken notes during the seminars which he showed us. They are growing up so quickly and I pray they will continue to grow in the Lord and that Graham and I will lay down good foundations for them and that God will continue to reveal Himself to them.

It looks like it is going to be a lovely day today so we hope to go to the Cafe in the Park early afternoon and have a walk around the park before Graham's mum and dad arrive.


Freedominthedance said...

Hi, Caroline...
What is "Cafe in the Park"? Is that like Starbucks?
I'm so glad you have a dog...we're still having to get an attorney to get ours back...some people here, animal rights' activists, are a little 'over the top' when it comes to understanding the reality of an animal being a pet and not a person!
Enjoy your boys~!

Caroline said...

Hi Daune,

Nice to hear from you! Yes we have a new addition to the family. We have a 7 week old kitten.

The Cafe in the Park is a church initiative and is open during the summer. Volunteers provide home made cakes and work in the cafe on a rota. We do this to demonstrate God's love to the people of Bedford.

Enjoy your Sunday.

God bless