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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Wednesday 6th August 2008

Woke up early. Lulu is adapting well to her new environment and is eating and drinking well and is using her litter tray. She is very active though and doesn't appear to sleep very much.

I spent most of the day tidying up and cleaning. Rosie and I cleared her room and took several bags of clothes to the charity bin. The cleaner arrived so we did the house together.

Really missing the boys. It is so quiet without them. A friend popped round this afternoon for a coffee. She has Lulu's sister and is having to get her accustomed to their dog, although the dog appears to be more afraid of the kitten than vice versa.

Rosie is having two friends for a sleepover tonight and we're waiting for my Mum to arrive. Graham is collecting her but don't anticipate them arriving until 11pm.

I must upload some photos tomorrow and finish off the Swiss blog.

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