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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wednesday 27th August 2008

Shuttleworth was brilliant! P J Smythe preached and the praise and worship was amazing. It was so good to be in God's presence. P J preached about how God has placed us where we are and that we should act as if we are living there permanently and put down roots even though we may not stay for long. His preach on leadership was very challenging for both Graham and myself. I felt proud to be part of the New Frontiers movement with its emphasis on church planting and the ministry that was witnessed in Acts. The whole weekend was so faith building. The children had a fantastic time. Harry was baptised in the spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time! I feel so privileged to have had two Christian holidays ( the children three)this summer.

It was also good to spend time camping with our friends. The shower facilities, however weren't good so we came home first thing every day to shower ( and to see Lulu). We were only twenty minutes away so we were back in time for the meetings.

Anyway, back to reality and living out our faith in the real world. It is easy to feel cocooned in Christ with a couple of thousand believers but the challenges lie when back in the daily routine of life.

Talking of which, I went back to work yesterday. It was good to see my colleagues and clients but when I handed my notice in it really hit me that I was indeed doing the right thing. I felt such peace about it, whereas I had been feeling apprehensive as I have worked for this PCT for seven years. My last working day will be 24th September. Today I felt released from much of my child protection work as some has been taken on by my colleagues and other cases have been closed, either due to the families moving away or children starting school. It does mean I am more available to do the routine work that comes in until I leave.

Rosie starts back at school tomorrow. She has spent the last two days on a hockey course at school which she has loved. Harry has spent time with his friend and Charlie at home. Charlie will meet up with his friends tomorrow. The boys go back to school next Wednesday.

I have started to get ready for my course by starting to free up some time by laying down some time commitments. I left a book club today, one I have been in for years. I thought I would feel guilty but didn't. I really am learning!

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