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Monday, 18 August 2008

Monday 18th August 2008

The end of the summer holidays are approaching. There has been a distinct drop in the temperature. I'm back at work a week tomorrow when I need to hand in my notice. A new season in my life is on the horizon.

We've had a good few days. The kittens have entertained us. Tipsy went home yesterday so Lulu is back climbing up our legs again and fighting and biting us since she has lost her playmate.

The children have had various friends over and I have just pottered around at home. I have finished knitting my cotton jumper and just need to wear it now. I have read a couple of books ( The Dig- John Preston and Dinner with a Perfect Stranger- David Gregory) and have just started another Francine Rivers epic ( Lineage of Grace). I feel I have so many books I want to read before I start my course as I won't have so much time to be self indulgent from October onwards.

We have had a relaxing weekend. Friday night we went to the village pub. We haven't been much at all this summer due to either being busy or it hasn't been nice enough weather to sit outside. It was good to meet up with several people including one couple who are going to Interlaken for their holidays in a couple of weeks. On Saturday Graham took Charlie to see Leeds play in the first match of the season. Unfortunately they lost. Yesterday was spent in the park after church. We took a picnic and met up with friends and stayed there until almost 6pm as the weather was so nice. We also met up with an ex neighbour and her partner and daughter who came back to play with Rosie. Church was amazing yesterday. The sermon was excellent, preached from Hebrews 11/12 about running the race of life. This is the third one in a series to coincide with the Olympics.

Today Rosie is going to a holiday playscheme with a friend at a church in the next village, Harry has a friend here and Charlie is meeting a friend in town who is coming back to spend the night.

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