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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Photos of Lulu and Dad's memorial tree

Just experimenting with photos- some taken this morning and the others last week in Bolton.

It is raining again- Charlie is still in bed, Harry is waiting for a friend and Rosie is at a church holiday club. Charlie's friend came to stay last night and at 1.30am I had to ask them to be quiet. I pray that God will give us both guidance when dealing with the teenage challenges we are facing at the moment.

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Freedominthedance said...

Let me tell you, be prepared for late nite talks, conversations beginning when your head is crying to hit the pillow!
When our older three were all teens together, we would be up soooo late and I now am so grateful we were available for them at their time...seems that the hormones or some strange thing in our water made them alive and awake at ungodly hours! We had the best, very best conversations and we laughed more-probably from the tired sillies!
Embrace the fun times ahead and then when the rapids try to convince you that you're drowning from ignorance of what to do, you'll just be available to listen and pray bunches more!
It seemed that they wanted to open up their hearts and they'd all lay all over us and our bed, which was only a double then or maybe it was the king size waterbed...can't remember, but I recall feeling squished! Now that those times are over, I miss them deeply, but at least I know we had them.
Being there with your heart open goes a long way when they've grown and not sure of themself and they call long distance and you hear in their voice that the lessons you've taught them and being worked out in their lives, even if they don't 'see' it!
God bless these coming years for you!
P.S.-The kittie is adorable! What a gift~