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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Cat up a tree!

We let Lulu out today and she ran straight up to the top of the willow tree in the bottom of the garden. She eventually came down and once back inside she had a snooze to recover from her ordeal!

Have had a good day. Went to watch Rosie play netball first thing and then went to collect Harry from his friend's. Stayed for coffee and chatted to my friend for a while as the boys hadn't long got up. A neighbour and children popped in this afternoon and then after tea Graham and I played copious games of Mariokart. I am rubbish and came last every time. After about the twentieth game I gave up.

Graham went to the meeting at church which he said was excellent. He then played golf this afternoon. The weather has turned very windy, although not as cold as it has been.

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Anonymous said...

My bumper sticker has "Lulu" on it ;) it's a fabulous clothing store in Chico, CA. I even named my bird "Lulu" so we have good taste in names :) isn't it amazing how cats have no fear in heights? Lucky!