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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009

We drove over to Cambridge yesterday afternoon to our friends for the evening. It was great to spend time with them and we had such a good evening drinking expensive champagne ( what a treat- Billecart rose ), eating a lovely chilli and pavlova and fruit and cream for pudding. The children had a jamming session with Harry on the guitar and his friend on the drums. We saw the New Year in and then played Singstar which I was pretty hopeless at.

Had a huge lie in- didn't get up until 11am and then we went to a nearby village pub for a lovely lunch. We then went back to our friends' house for coffee and got home about 4pm. It is so cold again with temperatures around freezing.


Anonymous said...

I am grateful to see that you're up and running! You were blessed to sleep in today, my son woke us up at 6 am... merely 4 hours after we finally put on the nightcap. I need coffee! I'm glad you had a great New Year's Eve!

Freedom in the Dance said...

Ya know one of the things I love about reading your blog is how you always seem to find time for the things in life that really matter...the slower visiting with your friends, going to the pub to enjoy a meal with your love or friends...I find such depth to that...I only wish you were here; we'd do coffee or tea, if you like!
Keep pushing forward and remember His mercies are new every we need them, ya know?