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Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday 16th January 2009

A friend took the above photo of Rydal Water in the Lake District when she was there this Christmas. I just love it. What is it about lakes and mountains that I love so much? I know that I marvel in God's creation, and mountains and lakes are where I see the splendour and majesty of God's beautiful creation the most.

I've had a good few days, and have been swimming on two further occasions this week, swimming a mile each time. Today I haven't used any inhalers and actually feel 100% better. It is brilliant to be able to breathe freely! Praise God! A friend phoned last night and prayed over the phone with me, which I know has helped.

Graham and the children are well. Rosie had her transition exam for the senior school yesterday. Charlie is working hard and playing hard with social events at church tonight and football and rugby this weekend. Harry has been asked to lead worship in his cell group next week, which he is so excited about! Both Rosie and Harry have parties this weekend. Rosie has a hockey match tomorrow morning which means I can't go to a meeting at church. Graham will go instead. We've been asked to talk about Shuttleworth. As I don't relish public speaking I'm quite pleased that Graham is going instead.

Today has been spent catching up with friends. After swimming I went round to see the neighbour whose partner died three weeks ago. It was good to spend time with her and she is bringing both children round tomorrow afternoon to see Lulu as they are planning on getting a kitten soon. Another friend came for lunch which was nice. I should have been working today but the phone line and computer have been down all day. I eventually called BT who rectified the problem which was due to a fault at the exchange.

I did a spot of housework this afternoon before collecting Harry and a friend from school. Charlie went to his friend's and then I collected Rosie and her friend from gym club. Must go as Graham and I are going to have a game of MarioKart on the Wii, much to Rosie's embarrassment. Good job the boys are not here..

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