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Friday, 23 January 2009

New blog

Oh dear. For several moments I thought I had deleted my whole blog, entries, photos, live feeds, everything. I had downloaded a different template from a website and didn't save my widgets. So, for the last hour I have been trying to find my old widgets and add some more in the process.

Anyway, I have had such a good day of socialising and haven't done any work at all. I had such good intentions as well and had brought home a briefcase full of papers to read. I have also been thinking( a lot) about the research problems to do with my topic which is good. The main highlight of my day was catching up with a dear friend of mine. We haven't see each other since the beginning of December due to the busyness of our lives, and my illness. We have put some plans in place including a trip to a health farm in March, and Faith Camp in the summer with only Rosie and her 11 year old son as the others will be at Newday! It's a shame that both camps are during the same week this year, but will be more of a break for us.

I also met up with a neighbour this morning and then somebody I met when we first moved to the village 9 years ago came round this afternoon along with a friend who also knew her. Now the children have left the village school and have gone their separate ways it is difficult to keep in touch. Talking about keeping in touch! Somebody who I did my nurse training with 24 years ago has contacted me through Friends Reunited! How nice is that!

Anyway, need to get the live feeds back in place so I can monitor who is actually reading this, if anybody!


Anonymous said...

I love your new blog layout and I do hate it when I lose all of my widgets when I upload a new template. I wish there was a way to keep it!! If you visit my blog at, scroll down and you will see a visitor's log from Clicky. It might be a good one if you're looking for a feed log. Good luck and your blog is lookin' good!!

Freedom in the Dance said...

I'm reading your blog! Thanks for all your encouraging's good to be home and God is moving despite the enemy's darts.
God bless.