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Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday 12th January 2009

Had a good weekend. All the children's sport was cancelled due to bad weather ( hockey, football and rugby). Graham went to see his dad in hospital on Saturday and I went on Sunday. Church was amazing on Sunday morning. God's presence was awesome and I found the whole service, worship, sermon and prayer afterwards so uplifting. We took Rosie for her golf lesson and then had lunch at the golf club and then some friends joined us for coffee. Graham then played golf and I did some ironing before going to pick up Graham's mum to take her to the hospital. Rosie went to her friend's and Charlie back to church for a youth meeting. Watched Lark Rise to Candleford in the evening which was brilliant. I am so enjoying this second series.

Today has been good so far- apart from the cat breaking a pot containing a beautiful orchid given to me for Christmas!

I went swimming this morning and managed 1 mile. It is the first time since I became ill so I was slightly apprehensive and used my inhalers as a precaution. I do feel so energised though and realise how much I have missed exercising.

I then went to Sainsbury's before going home. After unpacking my shopping I did a small amount of work ( no writing though) before a friend arrived for lunch. It is her birthday soon and we are having a big party for her here in a few weeks time, so we discussed who to invite and food etc.

I then drove to MK to collect Graham's mum to take her to the hospital to collect Graham's dad. He was sat there ready and eager to be taken home. I'm so pleased he is much better and pray his health doesn't deteriorate again.

We have booked a holiday which I'm so excited about! We are going to Switzerland for a week in February and will sledge and ski. I'm so looking forward to the break.

The above photo is a picture of the hotel we will be staying in. We will be in a self catering apartment at the top of the hotel. The mountain in the background is the Wetterhorn.


Anonymous said...

Switzerland? Oh my goodness, that sounds splendid! I looked at the picture and the place looks absolutely fabulous, I hope to see pictures of the actual vacation :) oh I am so excited for you!

Freedom in the Dance said...

Hi! What is sledge? Forgive my ignorance, awesome to be going to Switzerland...have you read any of the Schaeffer's books? Francis and his wife had a chalet called "Labri", I think it's spelled...
How could your husband play golf if the weather was bad? Is it an indoor field?
Good to see you out and about and getting your energy back!