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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Thursday 29th January

At last I'm beginning to focus on my work. Hopefully it will last. I'm writing the research problems at the moment and need to sort out the research questions.

My mum went back on Tuesday. I would like to write that everything was straightforward, but it wasn't! The high speed Virgin train pulled into the station and I carried my mum's bag onto the train and quickly found her a seat. We said our goodbyes. I turned round, walked up the aisle of the train and as I approached the door it closed in front of my eyes! I kept pressing the 'open' button to no avail. Thinking there was something the matter with the door I ran to the next door to find that wouldn't open either. Then the train set off with me on board! All I could think about was the children and collecting them from school on time. The train manager who appeared- probably after hearing the commotion informed me that the next stop was an hour away-Stoke on Trent and that they couldn't stop the train to let me off! Apparently when these high speed trains stop at stations they set off after only a minute after everybody has boarded. I was told that the next time my mum travelled on the train to inform the station and they would arrange for someone on the train to meet my mum on the platform and accompany her to her seat! If only I had known that before.

So, for the next hour on the train I made call after call to ensure the children would be ok, as at this point I was unsure as to what time I would get home. Graham was in Daventry and was just about to give a presentation to loads of people!

The children were sorted and then the train manager told me that I had 4 minutes once in Stoke to cross the platform and to catch a train back. So, once there I said goodbye to my poor mum who was very distressed by the whole thing. Well at least she only had another half hour to travel on her own. I ran under the tunnel and just caught the train. I spoke to a couple more train managers who were very understanding and to make me feel better said that it happened all the time! They waived my train fee and I even got a free cup of coffee.

I was also concerned as I had parked my car in a 15 minute parking bay in front of the station, and thought the very least I would have a parking ticket and the worst the car would be clamped or towed away! I really prayed that the car would be ok as I needed a quick getaway once I was back in MK.

One hour later I arrived back at the station. I was delighted to find my car in the same place, without any parking tickets stuck to the window or clamps on the wheels. I drove home and got back at 4.20pm just in time to see Charlie who had walked home from school.

Perhaps God was telling me that I just needed to be still with Him for a couple of hours.

Well, at least I've made numerous people laugh when telling them the story.

Yesterday morning I accompanied a friend to hospital as she had to have a mammogram. Thankfully the diagnostic radiographer thought she only had cysts , but the consultant wants her to have them aspirated to look at the fluid just to be sure.

I then went to work and the panic of not doing any writing for over a week set in and after prayer and the realisation that I can only do this anyway with God's help I began and did quite a bit. So I will finish and get on with it. I have a full day here today so hopefully if the inspiration continues should cover quite a lot of ground.

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