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Monday, 26 January 2009

John Newton- Olney Parish Church

We've had a busy but enjoyable few days. My mum arrived on Saturday and had a good trip on the train. Graham and I went to the church quiz with 7 friends and amazingly, after a shaky start where we were in last place out of sixteen teams ended up coming joint second.

Sunday was spent indoors for most of the day due to the rain. We went to the afternoon service. Harry was playing in the band and my mum loved the service which was brilliant. Paul preached and was amazing as usual.

Today after Lulu came home after being outside for nearly 3 hours I took my mum to Olney which is about fifteen minutes away. Olney was the home of John Newton author of Amazing Grace, where he was the rector of the parish church for several years. The sun shone and we had a long walk through the old market town to the 13th century church where we saw John Newton's tomb in the churchyard before going inside. The interior of the church was spectacular.

We then had a look round some shops and had lunch in a deli before driving home.

All in all a lovely day, which was almost springlike with the sound of birds singing.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, such beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!!