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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Harry's Birthday 3rd March 2008

Harry loved his guitar but unfortunately we couldn't get it to work and we noticed a small piece of the binding missing so I had to take it back to the shop and exchange it for another one. I went to the gym first thing and then had coffee with a friend. A friend came round in the afternoon for coffee and then I collected the children from school. Graham came home early and we took Harry to The Tuns for tea. Rosie had Brownies and Harry went to band practice. I gave him some cake to take for the members of the band. Charlie had cell group.

I didn't sleep well as I was worried about work. Tuesday was a bad day at work due to the amount of work and news of more child protection cases. Graham was away in Barcelona. I didn't sleep well again due to worrying about my visits and strategy meeting today. Anyway God is amazing as one of the visits I had not been looking forward to was cancelled and another child protection visit was also cancelled which gave me enough time to prepare for the strategy meeting and to write a report. I had a student nurse allocated to me today which was great as she was able to have an insight into the health visitor's role and child protection. She is also a Christian and goes to the church where the drop-in centre is held. I'm glad today went better than anticipated. I will go to work in the morning to write up my notes before going to Cornerstone.

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