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Monday, 3 March 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Woke up early to Graham asking if I wanted breakfast in bed. I felt so full from last night's Chinese that I said that a coffee would be nice. Harry then appeared with a coffee in a mug that had printed on it' If mothers were flowers I would pick you'. Rosie then brought me a beautiful cushion that she had made at school with red felt hearts sewn on it. She had hidden the card that she had made for me and couldn't find it, bless her. Charlie appeared with a CD ( Westlife) and a card. Rosie made sure that my pillows were 'mother's day pillows' and I stayed in bed for about twenty minutes reading my book and drinking my coffee. Graham had bought me a lovely plant, two charms for my bracelet, some chocolates and a cd so I felt completely spoilt.

I then took Rosie to her netball match whilst Graham took Harry to church and Charlie etc to a rugby match in Hertfordshire. Rosie lost 8-1 but played really well. We then collected Harry and went home. I made lunch. Graham's parents arrived shortly before Graham and Charlie returned. Charlie had won his match. We invited Graham's parents to church but they didn't feel they could make it as Graham's Dad has not been too well.

Both Graham and I were welcoming today which was great. There were several new people. The service was fantastic as usual. I so love worshipping God. The sermon was about forgiveness taken from Matthew 21. We also had communion.

I've now settled down for the evening. Graham is ironing the school uniform and is also going to wrap Harry's presents whilst I watch Lark Rise and read the Sunday papers and my book ( not all at the same time). Bliss.

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