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Friday, 14 March 2008

Thoughtful Thursday- Acknowledgement that help needed!

Woke up feeling stressed about all the things I needed to do today including going to the Drop- In Centre after the gym. I really felt I needed to have a day at home to rest, recover from my cold, reflect and reclaim my home. I phoned Cornerstone to say I wouldn't be able to make it today which wasn't a problem. I then dropped the children off at school and nipped into Sainsbury's to buy a few things. I met up with an amazing woman I know who has taken a huge step of faith with her husband in moving to Marston Moretaine, a village south of Bedford to church plant. It is real faith building stuff as a close friend of mine is a Pharmacist in that village and she has been praying about that with some other Christians for years!

I then went home and caught up with three days of bible reading and spent some time worshipping to one of my favourite cds ( Sue Rinaldi, Sound Travels). My bible notes are about taking the initiative which closes the door to fear and opens the door to opportunity. If you wait for perfect conditions , you will never get anything done ( Ecclesiastes 11:4 ). I then started my housework and began to tackle the upstairs. I thoroughly cleaned two bedrooms and two bathrooms and sorted out some of my clothes to sell on ebay. I intended to clean all the upstairs but didn't have time.

Whilst I was eating my lunch ( very late -2pm ) I began to realise that I would never find the time to do the things I believe I need to do this year if I spend most of my free time doing housework. So I phoned my friend's cleaner and asked if she could help me out. Although it is an admission of defeat in some ways as I have always maintained I would manage my home myself I feel it is the right thing. She is coming round next week to assess the house, and I intend to have help every other week.

I then went to see a friend in the village for a quick coffee and we were talking about how we would like to lose weight. We then decided to join Weightwatchers tonight! Again this is another admission of defeat for me as I feel I need help to shift a stone or so and despite trying to lose weight this year I now acknowledge I need help with it.

Can't believe I have made two major but positive decisions today.

My friend and I went to a neighbouring village to the meeting desperately hoping we wouldn't see anyone we knew. As soon as we walked through the door we saw two people from our reading group who were at the front of the queue. One of them has lost 18 pounds and is looking fantastic. As we were queuing up I heard someone call my name and it was my next door but one neighbours. They also have lost a lot of weight. Anyway I had a real wake up call when I stood on the scales. I need to lose more than two stones to get to the right weight for my height! I couldn't believe it. Imagine if I didn't do any exercise at all I would be massive.

We then sat through the most embarrassing talk by the leader. That part of the meeting was not my cup of tea I'm afraid. The leader who was very nice then gave my friend and I a run down of the actual diet. There are two options. We can either count points or choose food from a list. I think I will count the points to begin with and then switch when I get bored. I can't believe it had come to this! Still it will be worth it if I manage to lose weight.

I also managed to spend a small fortune: £17.95 for a month's membership, £9.95 on a starter pack which include books on eating out, shopping and a journal and £1.75 on the Weightwatchers magazine. Not cheap by any means but if I'm eating less I will perhaps spend less on groceries. I'm still in shock about my weight and am thinking perhaps the scales were wrong! I know they weren't really. My friend felt exactly the same and we were both very silent in the car on the way home. My first test will be tomorrow night as we are going out for a meal to celebrate my friend's birthday.

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