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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Wednesday 19th March 2008

I've had a couple of busy days at work but not too stressful, thankfully. Yesterday I was able to pray with another colleague first thing which was great. I really feel we should set up a Nurses' Christian Fellowship as we would really see some changes if we made time to pray and there seem to be enough of us around to make it work.

Graham looked after the children yesterday at home and Charlie looked after Rosie for a short time before she went to her friend's today. Harry went to his friend's for a sleepover.

I'm still sticking to my WeightWatchers plan and have only had one day where I didn't stick to it and ended up eating too many chocolate cornflake clusters. All will be revealed tomorrow night when I will be weighed. My friend is also sticking to the diet which is great.

This will be the first Easter that I can remember that we won't be going to church as we will be staying at Center Parcs with some friends. It does feel very strange.

I do love Easter and whilst Good Friday is a day of sad reflection Easter Sunday is a real time of joy as 'He is risen, He is risen indeed.' Infact, for me the celebration is more meaningful than Christmas.

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