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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Remembering Dad and Alison

It would have been Alison's 46th birthday today and my Dad's 87th. Graham's parents have gone to Cambridge to the cemetery with Chris. We will go tomorrow on our way to Center Parcs. I have bought a lovely bunch of daffs and tulips to put on the stone. Hope they don't blow away as it is so windy.I also hope the stonemason managed to finish the headstone before today as it will mean so much to Chris and Graham's mum and dad.

My Mum is ill again with a sore throat so is unable to go to my Dad's tree today.

I had to go to work today for clinical supervision. It was useful but I felt I used some of the time to let off steam about the current staffing levels and quantity of child protection work. I was only at work for one and half hours ( must take my time back ) so managed to clean all of the upstairs and the lounge.

I then went into town with Rosie and bought some Christian books from Wesley Owen ( my weakness) and some underwear for Rosie.

Graham came back at 2pm and then took Harry to the O2 arena to see The Eagles. He was so looking forward to it. That's the end of concerts for a while.

Later on in the day I picked up my friend and we went to Weight Watchers. I have lost 3lb and my friend lost 4lb which is great. So I am celebrating with a glass of pinot grigio ( 2 points). The diet is not that difficult to stick to to be honest as it is just healthy eating. It does make me think about what I am eating and makes me feel in control. I know it is early days and 3lb is a drop in the ocean.

I am looking forward to tomorrow despite the horrendous weather ahead. It will be fun to spend time with our friends. Rosie is taking her friend so we need to transport 6 bikes on the car ( 4 on top and 2 on the back) so not sure what time we're actually going to get there. I'm sure it would be easier to hire them once we are there.

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