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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Monday 17th March 2008

First day of the school holidays. Graham left at 5am to catch an early flight to Lisbon. Rosie's friend came round first thing and then we drove to see Graham's parents. We exchanged Easter eggs and stayed for a drink. I am worried about Graham's dad as he didn't look very well. He was also very breathless. He has an appointment to see his GP this week when he gets the results back from his echo cardiogram.

We then went to Tesco to stock up with things we need for the weekend. I then took the children to McDonalds. I had a chicken salad deli sandwich which according to my WeightWatchers points book was only 51/2 points. We then drove to the retail park to buy Charlie new school shoes and trainers. The school shoes were no problem but the others proved to be a no no. I ended up having an argument with Charlie and leaving him in Sports Soccer as we couldn't compromise. He didn't like any of the shoes I was prepared to buy and I didn't like any of his choices which were either too expensive or they looked too chavvy. So he is still in his white reeboks which are falling apart.

Once back at home I wrapped up my friend's books I'd bought her for her birthday and drove round to give her her present. I then made tea. Another friend of Rosie's arrived for a sleepover and they are now watching 'Rugrats the Movie' on the portable DVD player. The rest of us are watching 'Sleepless in Seattle' which I recorded on Sky Plus the other day. I have work tomorrow so am trying to prolong my days off as I am not looking forward to it. I'm still praying about work and whether I need to leave.

Church was great yesterday. We ended up going to the morning service after Rosie's netball as Charlie's rugby had been cancelled due to the awful weather. Richard preached from Matthew and talked about the first two commandments which Jesus taught to the Jews in the temple before he was taken away to be crucified. In the evening we watched 'The Passion' which is a BBC adaptation of Matthew's gospel and again the same passage was mentioned.

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