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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday March 9th 2008

After a stressful couple of days at work I now feel more relaxed but unfortunately have started with a mega cold. I'm just praying it stays a cold and doesn't turn into a chest infection.

I had a good time at the drop in centre but had to go into work first thing to write up my records and make some calls. Some of the girls seemed low and depressed and I had an interesting conversation with one girl who was telling me about her former life of crime and breaking into cars to steal things. She said at the time she had no concept of the consequences of her actions. After Cornerstone I went into town and bought some new jeans from M and S which accommodate my seemingly increasing waistline. So much for losing weight this year!

I had a great day on Friday. Four of us went to Stapleford Park for a Spa day. Stapleford Manor was built in 1633 during the reign of James 1st ( I may be wrong). It is such an imposing building set in acres of beautiful parkland in Leicestershire near Melton Mowbray.

It took us about one hour to get there. We had a coffee before going to the gym. The gym and treatment rooms were in the converted stables. The treatment room that I had my manicure and massage in was a former stable hand room with the existing chimney breast in the corner. I ran for ten minutes and did the cross trainer for another ten minutes before walking over to the swimming pool where I swam 20 lengths. We briefly went in the sauna before getting dressed for lunch. We walked over to the thatched pavilion and enjoyed a light lunch. In the afternoon we lounged around on huge sofas chatting and relaxing in between treatments. We left at 5pm and it was a mad dash back. One of the women I went with was hosting a surprise fiftieth party for fifty people that evening! She really needed to chill beforehand. Back at home I quickly changed and went to the party arriving seconds before the person who the party was intended for. Graham had gone to a men's curry evening, Charlie and Harry to a joint church quiz and Rosie to a friend's for a sleepover. I collected the boys who had had a great time. Charlie's team had won which he was ecstatic about.

Yesterday was spent doing housework and taking the boys to the barber's for haircuts. Harry was not very happy at all. Rosie went to a bowling party in the afternoon. In the evening friends came round for a take away which was very nice.

Today has been busy so far. Rosie had to be at the netball courts for 9am so an early start. Graham took Harry to church and then Charlie to rugby. I went to collect Harry and arrived before worship had finished. I normally stand outside where Harry can see me. As I was waiting in the hallway I felt impelled to go into the main hall and take part in the service as I saw the band had one more song to play before the sermon. Well God's presence was awesome and tangible. I had arrived during a special part of the service where the Holy Spirit was really ministering to people. I was pleased to be part of it as I don't feel great and thought I may miss church this afternoon. I now really don't want to miss it!

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