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Sunday, 2 March 2008

March 1st 2008

I can't believe another month has sped past without me noticing. I still haven't made any progress with my plans for 2008. My 'Word for Today' reading today was as follows and was yet another reminder along with the unread library books piled up underneath the window that I need to get a move on with my research:

Keep your dream alive
01 Mar 2008
'Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.' EPHESIANS 3:20
When God gives you a dream, He places within you or within reach, all the resources needed to fulfil it. Do you have an unthinkable, scary, absolutely wild idea that won't let you sleep? That's the way it is with dreams, especially when God is in them. They appear crazy (humanly speaking, they are crazy!). Placed alongside the triangle of logic, cost and timing, such dreams usually seem beyond our reach. They won't fly when you test them against the gravity of reality. And the strangest part is the more they are told 'can't' the more they pulsate 'can' and 'will' and 'must.' What's behind great accomplishments? Inevitably, great people. But what is in those great people that makes them different? It's certainly not their age or gender or heritage or talent or environment. It's faith! They are people who think and believe differently. Are you dreaming about writing a book? Don't wait for a publisher, start writing! Are you wondering if all that work with the kids is worth it? It is! Want to go back to university and finish your degree? Do it. Pay the price, even if it takes years! Trying to master a skill that takes time, patience and energy (not to mention money)? Press on! Thinking about going into business? Why not? It's hard to find satisfaction halfway up someone else's corporate ladder. Without a dream and the determination to fulfil it, life is reduced to bleak black and wimpy white, a diet too bland to get anybody out of bed in the morning. So go after the quest that fuels your fire. Keep your dream alive!
Bible in a Year: Gen 32-34; Matt 23:1-22; Ps 70; Pr 6:26-28;

Anyway going back to yesterday the 29th Feb ( leap year). I had a great day. I went swimming first thing and then coffee with a friend. I then popped home to do a spot of housework and to see Graham who was working from home before driving into town to meet a friend for lunch. We went to a new wine bar/bistro which has just opened on the High Street. I had 1/2 pizza and salad which was very nice. After lunch I stayed in town to buy Rosie's friend a birthday present. Whilst I was in the queue in New Look my mobile rang. It was Sarah to say she was outside my house and was wondering where I was! I had completely forgotten the time. I rushed home to find her inside doing my ironing! She had done so much as well. What a friend! It was good to see her. I do feel I have done a lot of socialising just recently and perhaps I should batten down the hatches for a bit. Went to collect Rosie and Harry from school . They had a party and youth club to attend respectively. Charlie was at his friend's before also going to church. Graham had taken the afternoon off work to play golf with his golfing buddies so we met up at the local pub with some friends. We didn't have a late evening as we had to get home before Charlie returned from church.

I realised that my reading group is meeting next week and I haven't started the book so I read a few chapters of it. It is 'The Rose of Sebastopol' by Katherine McMahon. The author is going to attend the meeting as she knows a member's husband so it is quite exciting. I want to read it quickly as I bought an interesting book from Wesley Owen which I can't wait to start ( The Shack by William P. Young).

Back to today. Rosie was singing in the school choir in the Bedfordshire Music Festival at the Corn Exchange this morning. It was so good to watch. All the performances were excellent and Dame Alice school won, and very deservedly. They really had the edge and were so professional sounding. Graham took Charlie to school to catch the coach. He was unsure where he was going to and was non the wiser when he returned. He has no sense of direction and didn't think of asking who the opposing football team were. However we deduced he was playing King's School in Ely. He drew 2-all.

Harry's 4 friends arrived this afternoon and played boisterously outside on the trampoline. We then went to the Golden Dragon for his birthday meal. The 5 boys wanted to sit at a table on their own which they did. The 4 of us sat an adjacent one so we could keep an eye on them. They still managed to have eating competitions. One boy ate 32 prawn crackers and not much else. Harry had 8 bowls of jelly and then wondered why he felt sick. We all sung Happy Birthday to him but had to bring the cake home with us as they were too full to eat it!

Looking forward to tomorrow- Mother's Day. Graham's Mum and Dad are coming over in the afternoon before church. I have bought Beryl a beautiful flower basket. Spoke to my Mum today who had received her card and flowers.

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