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Saturday, 15 March 2008

Saturday 15th March 2008

Day two of my WeightWatchers diet. So far so good, although I had a few problems during the night either due to food poisoning or irritable bowel from eating too much salad!

The children broke up from school at lunchtime yesterday. I watched the boys run in the annual steeplechase race which takes place on the last day of the winter term. Charlie then went off with his friends and then back to Ernest's and then church. Harry had his mate over for a sleepover and Rosie had her ballet lesson. Graham and I went to Harpurs in the evening for a friend's birthday celebration.

During the afternoon a couple of friends came round. We managed to pray briefly before one of them left. It was great to see them though.

The meal in the evening was good fun. I had roasted mushrooms with peppers to start and a tuna steak on a bed of salad for my main course with some nice wine. We had a late night and didn't sleep well due to stomach pains and rushing to the loo! I spoke to our friends today who were all ok, so I don't know whether I can put the cause of my problems down to food poisoning.

Today has been relaxing and restful. Harry's friend's father came to collect him and we chatted over coffee for some time which was nice. Rosie went to see a friend in a play early afternoon and Charlie vegged around at home all day. Graham then took Harry to London to see Neil Young in concert. He was so excited. They won't be back until late. Graham has taken a pillow and blanket so Harry can sleep in the car on the way home. At least he is not playing in the band tomorrow morning.

Rosie and I then went to The Kiln in town. Rosie beautifully decorated a plate ( for her toast) and I painted a mug with colourful polka dots. I can't wait until the pottery has been fired. I love painting the clay. It is so therapeutic. I treated Charlie and Rosie to KFC whilst I had a WeightWatchers ready meal ( which was pretty disgusting) and salad. I wanted to try them, but won't be buying due to their synthetic taste.

Looking forward to church tomorrow.

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