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Friday, 29 February 2008

Thursday 28th February 2008

Yesterday was a strange day. Rosie announced at the breakfast table that she woke up in the middle of the night to see her bed shaking. She couldn't decide whether it had happened or whether it was a dream. I reassured her by saying that of course it was a dream. Graham then appeared saying he had just heard on the radio that there had been an earthquake Apparently it measured 5.2 on the richter scale, being the biggest one in England since 1984. We slept through the whole thing which lasted 10 seconds apparently.

Harry forgot his games gear so I quickly popped into the office before going home to collect it and take it to school before driving to Ampthill for ' Safeguarding Children' training. Driving to work I saw the person who I have mentioned previously who has turned back to alcohol and is now homeless. She was walking along the road with her partner. They both were carrying large plastic bags and her partner looked like he was carrying a couple of sleeping bags. I felt very sad. On the way home I then witnessed an accident. A car crashed into a man on his bike and he was lying on the ground in the middle of the road. I was stuck in a traffic jam but strangely enough stopped outside the surgery on Pemberley Avenue. There were lots of people around so I knew somebody would have phoned for an ambulance. Anyway I jumped out of the car and ran into the surgery and ran up to the reception to the front of the queue and asked if a Dr could go to the accident scene. A receptionist said that someone would so I got back into my car. I then saw a Dr saunter out of the surgery, not exactly running but walking towards the man on the ground. The traffic still wasn't moving so I turned round and went another way home but still had to pass the top of the road where the man was lying inert on the ground. As I drove past I became upset as I concluded that he was either dead or the people who were stood around staring at him were completely heartless as the poor man was lying there on his own. There was nobody on the ground with him holding his hand or reassuring him.

I dropped Harry's bag off at school and then drove to Ampthill. I spoke to a friend on the phone for most of the journey, particularly as I felt I needed to off load about what I had seen. She also knows the homeless woman.

I was late to get to the training and had to walk into a room full of people. The training was excellent despite not being able to concentrate on it for the first part of the day. On the way home I spoke to my Mum who had woken up in a shaking bed due to the earthquake. She was so scared but knew it was an earthquake so was able to get back to sleep quickly.

Graham was back early but didn't want to go to Cell group as he had to get up at 4am to catch a flight to Brussels. I went along and I was the only person that turned up (they knew I was going)! The three of us had a good time though and talked about God's grace and Paul's recent awesome sermons. We prayed for some time and I was glad that I went.

Today has been a great day. I went swimming and swam a mile first thing and then had a coffee with a friend. I then went to Cornerstone and made Mother's Day cards and finished my pin cushion mouse at the craft table. It was good to talk to some of the clients which is easier to do when sat at the craft table.

I then went to a friend's for lunch. I haven't seen her for ages so it was good to catch up with her. Two of her children are in the same classes as Charlie and Harry and are good friends. It was also useful to compare notes about them and the school. She made some fantastic brocolli and stilton soup for lunch. By the time I arrived home it was too late to start any housework so I just sorted out the washing and checked my emails before setting out to watch Rosie in her first cross country run. I arrived at Newnham school where schools from all over Bedfordshire were taking part. It was great to see 3 mothers of children that were at toddler group and playgroup with Rosie. We were all so pleased to see each other. Rosie and one little boy were Mary and Joseph in the playgroup nativity when they were 3 years old. Rosie was also racing against her old best friend from Lower School and hadn't seen each other since last year as they are now at different schools Rosie did really well in the girls race and came 36 out of 128. Her school won the competition and all the girls who took part received a medal and had their photo taken. I felt very proud of her.

Harry had had a bad day at school, mainly because he was told he needed his hair cutting by the head of year. His hair is quite long now as he likes to think he is a bit of a hippy. I'm now not looking forward to the weekend as there will be much misery when he has it cut. It is also his birthday party on Saturday so he feels the day will be ruined by a haircut. Charlie has had a good day at school and has been picked to play football on Saturday.

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