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Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday 13th June 2008

Packed both Rosie and Harry off on their trips today. I then did the spin class at the gym which was great and set me up for the day.

I came home and after catching up with my bible readings ( 4 days worth!) I started to look through some papers in preparation for my interview. I couldn't even remember what my proposal was about, let alone anything else! I still can't locate it on my computer and will have to wait until I can access it on my work computer next week. I have found a couple of papers though which I will attempt to study over the next few days. Things don't look good and I am not feeling confident at all.

I then went to Harpurs for lunch with three friends. Lunch was nice and I had the smoked salmon and halibut on ciabatta which was very tasty. I then nipped to Sainsbury's before coming home. Harry was dropped off after a day of kayaking and adventure golf at Willen Lake. He has had a great Outward Bound week and he said it was the best week of the year. I made him some tea and then took him to church. I have just been trying to do some more reading before I go and pick him up. Graham will be back to collect Charlie at 10pm. It seems really strange without Rosie.

My friend sent me the 'Breathe' conference booking form and it looks like the theme is 'Oaks of righteousness' which made me think of other references to oak trees and producing fruit. I didn't know that an oak tree is fifty years old before it produces acorns!

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