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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sunday 1st June 2008

Garden flowers

Today has gone so quickly. The weather hasn't been brilliant with rain this morning and it seems to have turned cold again. I spent the day making fish pie for lunch, ironing and tidying up before church this afternoon. Charlie spent some time revising and Rosie had a friend round who she took to church. I thought Harry might be tired today after such a late night but he doesn't appear so. They didn't get back until 12.30am and had a great time at the concert.

My friend and I enjoyed our evening last night. We went to Pizza Express before the cinema. The film was entertaining but extremely raunchy in parts. I was surprised it was only given a 15 rating. The film did make me think that out of the four women the only one who appeared to be fulfilled throughout the whole film was the one who was happily married and expecting her first baby. The others all had relationship problems which were resolved by the end of the film.

Church was brilliant today. Luke continued his series on prayer. He is such an anointed speaker and I pray that both Graham and I will put into practice what we learnt and heard today. The worship was amazing as usual. Luke touched on the Lakeland revival which I was pleased about and encouraged us to read Terry Virgo's blog about it.

Graham is fed up as he is back at work tomorrow after a lovely week's holiday and he has such a stressful time ahead with not knowing how secure his job is. However, we will trust in God whatever the outcome. We know there are changes ahead.

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