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Friday, 6 June 2008

Friday 6th June 2008

Lunch in St Neots

I've had such a lovely day today. Such joy this morning when I went to the gym as they have started an early morning spin class at 8.45am! Of course I did the class and felt great afterwards. Apparently several people have petitioned for it as like me they drop their children off at school and then go to the gym where up until now there haven't been any classes first thing. I then nipped home and put my washing on the line before going to my friend's. I so enjoy my time with her. We have been praying together for years now and it is a real priviledge. We were discussing today how much of our prayer has been answered over the years.

I then drove to St Neots and met my friend who lives in Ely. We had such a laugh over lunch. Apparently our husbands are going to be away next week together for a finance conference in Germany. I found it difficult not to tell her about Graham's job but hinted that things may change. We said goodbye but will see each other next month at Faith Camp in Peterborough.

I then did a bit of food shopping in Waitrose and bumped into a friend from Cornerstone. I bought a chicken and some veg for Sunday as a friend and her children are coming for lunch as her husband is in China for two weeks.

I then drove back to Bedford and collected Rosie and then Harry and a friend from school. Charlie went to his friend's for tea. We then went home and packed Rosie's bag for her trip to Irthlingborough with church. Graham came home early and then we drove to church and waved Rosie off on the coach. We left Harry there and then drove to the village pub for tea which was nice. Graham has had an awful day today at work but I just respect him even more for the way he is dealing with these issues.

Graham then dropped me off at home and went to collect Harry whilst I opened up our new coffee maker which is fab! It is a krups nespresso and the coffee is so delicious. It is expensive though and works out to be 25p per cup so will have to be used as a treat.

We've got a lovely weekend ahead with dinner at friends ( only live next door but 4 ) tomorrow night and a trip to Milton Keynes tomorrow to take Harry to a party. Graham needs some new clothes so we will go to M & S. Sunday will be great. Charlie wants to go to church in the morning to see his friends and as Harry is not playing in the band we will be able to do that although we have to be back in the afternoon to collect Rosie.

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