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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sunday 29th June

Think the above is a great idea and I am posting the following book if anyone is interested. I'm willing to post to USA or Canada.

This is the true story of Johanna-Ruth Dobschiner, a young Jewish girl who lived in Holland during the brutal persecution of the Jews during the Second World War. When the Nazis came to her home, they took away her family but miraculously she was left behind. All of her family members were cruelly murdered. Confused, devastated and frightened she went underground, moving secretly from one sympathetic home to another until the end of the war. It was during this lonely and difficult time that she found a Bible. Reading it, she discovered that not only had she been selected to live physically but also spiritually. Just as God had saved her from among the thousands of condemned Jews, so he could save her from among the millions of condemned sinners on the road to hell.
I thought this book was wonderful. It is gripping, moving and I would recommend it to anyone.

Not really sure how the above comp works but hey ho I'll give it a go.

We've had a couple of great sunny summer days and attended a friend's party yesterday afternoon. She used to be a neighbour but moved with her daughter several years ago into town. We then went to a barbeque at a friend of Harry's from school who lives in the middle of nowhere. There were three other families there including one from our village. We had a great time. We played rounders and pictionary until very late. We arrived home at 11pm and Harry still wanted to sleep outside in the tent we had erected during the day. So muggins here agreed to sleep outside with him as Charlie wanted to sleep in his own bed and he wanted me with him instead of Graham! I read for awhile and actually quite enjoyed lying there in the stillness of the night listening to the sounds of birds and other night time sounds. However I didn't sleep very well as I was just lying on a camping mat and not an inflatable mattress. I woke up very early and came in doors and managed to do some ironing and bible reading before the others got up. I took Harry early to church as he was in the band and I was welcoming. The service was brilliant with two baptisms and one dedication. Luke preached and was amazing as usual. At least two people gave their lives at the end which was fantastic.

After church we went home and had a quick lunch. I sat down for a few minutes which was a mistake as I suddenly became sleepy and before I knew it Graham said he would take everybody to the cafe in the park so I could rest. I must have slept for an hour and then woke up and set off to meet the others. Graham was talking to a friend from the village whose husband was playing in a cricket match and then we walked over to the cafe. I had a pot of earl grey and some ginger cake and then Graham left to play golf. Charlie had met up with a friend from church and then went back to somebody's house for a youth club barbeque. He still isn't back and I guess they are watching football.

The cafe is such a good idea. It is an outreach from church and we make cakes to be sold cheaply during the weekends of July and August and it is manned by volunteers. We spent a lot of last summer there and weather permitting we will do the same again.

We came home and watched Dr. Who which we had recorded last night. What a fantastic episode. I think next week will be the last one of the series.

Ironed and got the school uniform ready for tomorrow. Yesterday we received a letter from Rosie's school to say she has been awarded a cup for being the best achiever in her first year at the school. She will be awarded it at prizegiving this week. We are very proud although Rosie doesn't appear to understand why she has been awarded it!

A friend from the drop in centre phoned me tonight to tell me that one of the clients who came to the discussion group on Thursday came to her church this morning and gave her life to Jesus at the end of the service! Praise God! I pray that God will continue to work in her life and help her with her addictions.

It will be my last week at the gym this coming week until the beginning of September. I will miss it and may be able to fit in a few trips inbetween our trips.

I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow ( a belated birthday get together) which I'm looking forward to.


Gretchen said...

Nice getting to know you through your post, C.

Please enter me in your giveaway.

Mel said...

Hi. I just found you via Jewel's in my Crown's Blog. This book sounds VERY interesting. Please enter me in your giveaway.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

This sounds like a great book! Count me in!

Denise said...

Please count me in.