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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wednesday 18th June 2008

My work for the week is over and I'm beginning to panic about my interview. I still haven't prepared anything so will have to spend tomorrow working on my presentation which means I can't go to the drop in centre as planned. I have also got a party for 20 10 year old girls to prepare for on Saturday and a sleepover for four in a tent in the garden. Sunday we're off to a baptism at Christ Church so will have the evening and Monday morning to prepare.

Work has been ok this week but only because of my supportive colleagues.

The children are all ok. Charlie has been doing athletics all day, Harry went to his cell group at church after school and Rosie has also done athletics after school today. Graham's new role was announced today which is great. He still hasn't got a date to start but is hoping it will be next month after we return from our holiday.

Gotta dash as Charlie has just phoned to say he needs picking up.

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