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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Friday 23rd May 2008

The first part of my day hasn't gone to plan. I had to stay in all morning to wait for a special delivery ( Leeds tickets at Wembley ) so was unable to go to the gym. Whilst I was in an engineer from Siemens came round to change over the electricity meter which meant I had to clear out the big under the stairs cupboard. So the morning was spent ironing and cleaning. The tickets arrived at 1pm ( we were told any time between 8am and 1pm ) which meant I was late for the Cornerstone management meeting. I did manage to catch up with my bible reading which was good

I made it just in time before the meeting started and was able to have some lunch. The meeting was productive and we talked about starting an Alpha, or 'just looking ' course in September. I feel really excited about this and have volunteered to help organise it. We did think that we would just invite people in to give their testimonies and have discussions based round those as our clients may find it difficult to follow a structured course.

I collected Rosie from school and took her to church but unfortunately couldn't get in the building as the door was locked and the secretary is on holiday. Nobody heard the bell or the phone so we came away and collected Harry and his friends from school. Never mind one less car trip tonight! Rosie was really excited as she has been elected on to the Head Girl team and has to write a manifesto. She said she could either be a waitress, author or president when she grows up !

I spoke to Charlie who had gone to his friend's. He has had a good day at school and has thankfully remembered his school books to revise from.

I'm just about to take Harry and his friend to church, then Rosie to ballet. Hopefully Graham will be back to collect both Harry and Charlie from church at 8pm and 10pm. Graham has been to Malvern for a meeting today.

Looking forward to tomorrow and the Bank Holiday weekend and rest of the week. We're going to London see Joseph at the Adelphi on Monday starring the lovely Lee Mead. We're also going to The Imperial War Museum to see a James Bond exhibition.

Anyway time to go

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