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Friday, 23 May 2008

Thursday 22nd May 2008

I felt much better yesterday after a good night's sleep but needed all my energy to cope with the day I had. I was in County Hall for an extremely sad and complicated child protection conference for over 3 hours! They usually take about one hour. Thankfully some evidence provided by the grandparents backed up my report. The plumber arrived when I got home and sorted out the blockage. When he unscrewed the u bend water went every where completely soaking the floor and cupboard. I didn't care as long as it was fixed.

Graham was in Paris for the night so missed the big match. Charlie was texting him the scores. Man U won after penalties. I went to my prayer meeting but left early enough to catch the end of the match. The meeting started off well and I thought the worship was really great. There were over 40 of us in the house. I have mixed views about the evening though and still find some aspects of what I witnessed difficult to understand.

Today has been a good day. Firstly I went to the gym and worked out for 50 mins. I then went to the drop in centre. The girl who was really struggling last week appeared better today. She had skipped bail but a friend took her to the police station first thing. She turned up later and gave me a thank you card . I was really moved by that as she has so much on her mind at the moment including a drug problem and domestic violence. Her partner is in prison and she is finding it difficult to manage the children.

I spent the afternoon mopping the floor and cleaning the cupboard underneath the sink before collecting the papers for Harry's round. I made up the papers for him and then collected Rosie and Harry and his friend from school. Harry did his round and Rosie went to a friend's, Charlie arrived home after his detention and then spent the evening revising for his exams which are after half term.

I collected my friend and then we went to fat club. I have lost another 1.5 lb which is great. I think it's the combination of putting more effort into the gym and eating very sensibly during the week(not the weekend )which is helping.

Can't go to the gym tomorrow morning as have to wait in for a special delivery. Graham has managed to secure tickets for the big Leeds play off game on Sunday which are being delivered tomorrow. He is taking Charlie and it is at Wembley so Charlie is really excited as he hasn't been there before.

I will finish with a link to a song I love. Last night I was told to bring along my favourite worship track. I have so many that I couldn't decide but took this along. It didn't get played in the end but I listened to it in the car on the way home. It is an awesome song. Nicole Mullen has an amazing voice.

Unfortunately I can't find ' On My Knees' on you tube, but 'My Redeemer Lives ' is another great song :

Jacqui Velasquez also sings 'On My Knees', although I prefer Nicole C Mullen's version.

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