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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Saturday 31st May 2008

Happy Birthday Grandad!

I'm writing this just before I get ready to go out with a friend for a meal and then to the cinema to see 'Sex And The City'. I haven't seen any of the series on television so hope I like it. The film has had good reviews and was premiered in London. Graham has gone to see Bruce Springsteen with my friend's husband ( and Harry) so we are leaving the children home alone.

Yesterday was spent at home setting up my new laptop and I have managed to add a few new pieces to my blog including the brilliant 'shelfari' which I love! It is a great way of remembering which books I've read this year. A friend popped round in the afternoon and Rosie went to her friend's for a sleepover along with four other girls. They all returned later with the dog they were taking out for a walk. Molly is a beautiful Labrador but after her being here for half an hour in the back garden and escaping several times onto the road and pooping on the grass and weeing on the shed and trampling over my strawberry plants I was convinced that we don't really need a dog just yet.

Graham took Harry for a haircut this morning which he wasn't very happy about (they both weren't). It still looks pretty long to me but Harry feels he has been scalped and has worn a hat all day!

We then went to Graham's parents for lunch as it is Graham's Dad's birthday today (84). He is looking so well since he has started on the heart medication.

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